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Mar 6, 1999 09:15 PM


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it's now pastrami queen on 85/lex and i haven't had the
pleasure to sample their pastrami.if it's 1/2 as good
as the heavenly pastrami king-kew gardens
version...then we're in luck!
now, for the verbotten question...any chowhounds in the
' you qualify for kosher deli heaven?I
realize it's blasphemy...but that's where the non-frum
tribesmen have moved....and i know you in the biurbs,
you tribesmen that is, don't just get along on mediocre
chinese food!so, speak up!!
out of town...there's heavenly "SMOKED MEAT" IN
montreal, and london uk has bloom's in goldberg's all thin skinned types's time we
start reviving the lost art of cholesteol heaven,
LOCALLY.this is where we perfected the craze, right?

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  1. i happened to be near the pastrami queen one day in
    february. it was rather early in the day, before the
    lunch hour), but they were open so i popped in for a
    sandwich. well, the pastrami was better than some, but
    not up to the standards set by the fabled Pastrami
    King in Kew Gardens. seems that all the spices were
    absent, and the meat was rather dry. i'll give it one
    more shot before i forever bury the memory of the
    wonderful pastrami king.