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Mar 5, 1999 10:27 AM

Castro's Coffee Shop

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I tried Castro's Coffee Shop in Fort Greene the other
night, based on Jim's book. WOW. Since I moved here
from San Francisco two years ago, I've been searching
in vain for just the right Mexican restaurant, and this
is it. The food was first-rate. The best mole sauce
I've had, and great guacamole. Everything was very un-
greasy. (The corn tortillas right out of the package
are the only disappointment.) And contrary Jim's
opinion of the atmosphere, I thought it was pretty
great in that respect. Must have had something to do
with all the men in big black hats drinking and playing
the jukebox. I am going to absolutely live at this
place from now on!

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  1. "I am going to absolutely live at this place from now on!"

    hey, why do that when the source that found you Castro's offers so many equally groovy places to eat (including several in your nabe)??

    Glad you liked the place...I'm due for a check-up there, actually. DON'T go to the Mexican a bit north and across the has a good vibe but the food's inferior. Do hit Sprinkles (also nearby) for banana cake, though.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Well, ok, you have a point. I do tend to find a new
      place I like, then go there WAY too much and burn out
      on it. (Di Fara's is a good recent example of this!)