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Mar 3, 1999 08:37 PM

Bo-ing, Bo-ing, gone

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So has it really happened? We were finally going to
try Bo tonight, drove by at about 7:30, and it was

We went to Salut, an uzbek kosher place to console
ourselves instead with korean carrot salad, good
kebabs, and excellent plov that was made with what
looked very much like sticky rice. Still, we hope Bo
is not gone foreever.

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  1. Bo is closed on Sundays, possibly the evening when you
    noted their doors had been shut. They are open and we
    intend to celebrate their continued existence by dining
    there Saturday night.

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    1. re: Allan Evans

      Last night was a Wednesday, last time i checked, and
      they were closed at 7:30.
      We did stop by on a Sunday once without checking and
      vowed to come back another night.