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Mar 2, 1999 10:52 PM


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now that comfort food is again on the menu,even though
a recession does not appear in sight, why don't some us
us tackle this search? Killer pastrami,home made
knishes,chicken soup your grandmother would be proud to
call her own, these are kosher deli delites!Now i've
been seeing these places disappear one by one, but
please don't tell me that we all gotta go to boca to
get some real kosher deli!
My suggestions do not qualify for this message board,
as they are all in the city...85 st/2nd ave has real
great HOME made chicken soup that well....and true to
life REAL carved from the bone turkey
sandwiches...where are they in the boros?
Liebman's in riverdale is okay,but still qualifies
quality wise as a local joint.the kosher deli on 231
st/bwy has GREAThomemade knishes.
can anyone recommend ONE deli that puts it all together
and is worth the schlepp?

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  1. Adam:
    I'm with you, lamenting for some of bubbe's food all in
    one deli. And I still haven't found it!
    The best knishes (and apple strudel) are still at Yonah
    Shimmel, Houston and 2nd Avenue. Way better than Knish
    Nosh of Queens Blvd.
    I've heard the Pastrami King, formerly of Kew Gardens,
    is reopening downtown. Any truth to that?
    Truth is, most delis a) overstuff sandwiches to the
    point that you can't taste the quality of the meat. b)
    aren't really kosher. More Tribesmen in this city than
    any place in the world, and yet we struggle for a
    decent corned beef on rye ...
    Keep me posted on what you find.


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    1. re: Marc B.

      I believe Pastrami King has opened a new store on 85th
      and Lexington after closing the one on Qns Blvd.

      I don't know how the pastrami is in their new store
      but it was as good as I've had in the old one.

      If you try the new store, let us know what you think.

      1. re: Steve W

        Ben's on Queens Blvd. between 63rd Dr. and 64th Rd.
        (63rd Drive stop on the G & R trains) is a great all
        around kosher deli. Their pastrami and turkey (breast
        and legs and wings) are THE BEST (Pastrami King? FEH!)
        anywhere. Great sour pickles, good potato knishes
        (the round ones, of course!) but the kasha ones aren't
        as good. SOme great specials like stuffed
        peppers...great spinach and garlic side veg., good
        potato wedges (fries) most of the time...avoid the
        overcooked varnishkes...

        By the way, the best knishes are definitely found in
        Brighton at Mrs. Stahl's (kasha and potato are both
        heavenly). Way better than Yonah Schimmel's and do
        not even mention them in the same breath as Knish
        Nosh, it's a "gansa" insult!

        1. re: Steve W

          Pastrami King is, in fact, now Pastrami Queen.
          Lexington Avenue & 85th St. I've taken food out, not
          eaten in. ("In" doesn't look too inviting.) Never
          having been to the original, I can't say how it
          compares, but the corned beef, pastrami, kasha
          varnishkes and pickles were all excellent. Didn't try
          the matzoh ball soup. Next time. Only if it's not
          overwhelmed by dill --that's what bothers me about PJ
          Bernstein's on 3rd Ave. & 70th(?). But I think PJ's
          stuffed derma is way better than Pastrami Queen's.
          There's a new kosher deli, Glatt Gourmet, on 86th
          Street, between First & York. Again, I'd say take-
          out, rather than eat-in, just from walking past.
          Tried it once -- not bad, but not great, either. I
          think I'll still choose PJ's over the others in this

          1. re: Dena

            Based on one sampling, I find PQ's pastrami to be very
            good restaurant pastrami, similar in style to that at
            the 2nd Ave. Deli, but *nothing* at all like what they
            used to serve in Queens, which was darker, more finely
            grained, smokier, more garlicky, and far superior to
            anything served anywhere else except the other
            restaurant named Pastrami King, near Luger's in
            Williamsburgh, which was trashed during one of the
            cheerful riots following a blackout in the Seventies.