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Queens Kindred Spirits

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I'm a newbie to this board as of today, and after reading the Queens posts have concluded that I fit the "chowhound" designation to a "T" and probably know you all by sight because we eat at the same restaurants. I would like throw you dogs a bone with a relatively new all you can eat Chinese discovery. We tried the Grand Shanghai, 167-01 Union Turnpike about three weeks ago. It was interesting. Its main drawing card was unlimited quantities of steamed lobster and Alaskan crab legs (it was a Friday, I'm not sure if they do this every night). They were both very good although not, to my experience very Chinese, served plain with melted butter on the side. The rest of the buffet was very extensive with many unusual dishes. The buffet include extensive appetizer selections and sushi. The bad news was that everyone was running for the major seafood, so many of the more exotic dishes tended to have been sitting in the steamer tray too long. Still, us chowhounds like to try alot of different dishes, and opportunity was definitely there. And $15.95 is a great price if you're a big eater. I would like to hear other peoples experiences at this place, and find out how consistent they are as time goes on (they've only been open a month or so).

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  1. Grand Shanghai, which recently opened in a "doomed"
    location(3 restaurants in four years) has the "special"
    every day. It depends on how you feel about buffet
    style dining. The lobster and crab legs go fast, but
    it is all you can eat. Yhe otherdishes were above
    average. It doesn't have a liquor license, so you can
    bring your own beer (or wine).