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Feb 20, 1999 10:31 PM


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Hey What's up on Arthur Ave? Had dinner at Mario's and
they should be ashamed of the cold antipasta!better off
just ordering peppers,mozzarella etc .entree/dessert
good, wine list actually reasonable, but something
seems to be missing...ant recommendations for good red
sauce italian here or elsewhere in the boros?

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  1. go to dominick's, also try roberto's. for great italian wines, go to mount carmel wine shop 612 east 187th st, right off the corner of arthur ave. mike's deli inside the indoor market for italian deli.

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    1. re: stephen kaye
      Stanley Gordon

      Mario's has always been an overrated touristy spot, in
      my opinion, and Dominick's, while good at what it does,
      has never been a favorite of mine either. Try Emilia's,
      just down the block from Dominick's for charming
      atmosphere and very good food - particularly the
      appetizers (stringbeans with gorgonzola, sauteed
      portobello mushrooms and artichokes/shallots, lovely
      fried vegetables - zucchini, peppers, eggplant). Mike's
      deli in the market is indeed excellent, as are Egidio's
      for pastries, Terranova for bread (although I think
      Madonia Brothers provolone bread makes the world's best
      toast), and Full Moon for pizza.

      1. re: Stanley Gordon

        I agree that Mario's is a bit touristy, but I have to
        say that their pizza is top-notch. It is only on the
        menu as an appetizer, but you can order a pie or two
        with some antipasti or vegetables and have a good

        Full Moon is generally good for pizza, but I have
        found some distressing variations visit to visit.

        We patronize Joe's Deli, in the same block as
        Terranova; we like their cheeses very much.

        Jim Zurer -- Washington DC

        1. re: Jim Zurer

          The indoor market is a must when visiting Arthur ave.
          Also if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood
          during the summer months don't miss out on the feast
          of San Anthony and Mt. Carmel. For the best mozzarella
          go to Tino's on 187th street off of Arthur ave just
          say Raymond send you Marios son. On 187th street you
          can find fresh pasta, bread, imported wine and good
          italian dessert. Muto bene Ciao!

          1. re: raymond

            No body mentioned Cafe del Mercado, across the public market from the much and duely lauded Mike's Deli. The Cafe has superior hot heros's excellent and individual pizza's. A plus is Dad, who makes some of the best espresso in America.

            A personal favorite, something no one else makes is a arugula salad and roasted pepper hero with balsamic vinigrette and fresh, creamy mozzarella a peer of which you can only find at Alleva and Joe's Dairy.

              1. re: J.G. Schwam

                Best Pizza on Arthur Ave. located at the back of the indoor retail market. For taht pizza ever!

                1. re: FrancescaP

                  the pizza squares at cafe al mercato are seriously good. i don't normally love the cheese on bottom/sauce on top formula, but theirs works well. and the crust is crispy.

                  Cafe al Mercato
                  2331 Hughes Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

            1. re: Jim Zurer

              Hi, I would like to know what kind of distressing
              variations you found at Full Moon Pizzeria & Restaurant
              Thank You,
              Stanislao Petti ( Full Moon Rest. Owner)

              1. re: Stan
                Rinaldo Paonessa

                Your pizza was the very best I ever ate.
                Since you served me a single vegi slice, the first time I visited you pizzeria, years after, I still compare it to all other pizzas, including Neapolitan pizza in Naples, Italy.
                Now, promise me that you will invent a slimming slice in the very near future.

                Rinaldo Paonessa
                27 Charrington Cres.
                North York, ON., m3l 2c3
                Canada [416 744 7887/647 299 1948c]

                1. re: Stan

                  looking for best Arthur Avenue restaurant to go to after a Yankee game

              2. re: Stanley Gordon

                Madonia Brothers olive bread and jalapeno bred -outstanding!

                Madonia Brothers Bakery
                2348 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

              3. re: stephen kaye
                frank raimondis

                I'm looking for a restuarant called Dominick's on Arthur ave. It's across the market retail mall. I ate ther years ago and want to take my parents there for a quiet and wonderful 50 yr anniversary.

                Can anyone help me out?



                1. re: frank raimondis

                  You've got the location right, but don't expect quiet-- the tables are family-style (including not just your own family, but other peoples' as well), service can be brusque, and it gets really crowded on weekends.

                  I've also heard the food has gone greatly downhill in recent years. If you search the site for 'Arthur Ave' you will find other options in the same neighborhood that might be more romantic and celebratory.

                  1. re: MU

                    we havent been for about 5 years - the food at Dominicks was then pretty good, but I believe it is one of those spots where the pricing is "flexible" and there is no written menu - you order without knowing the prices and they charge you what they feel like (presumably, more if they dont know you). My husband strongly feels that we were taken advantage of on our last two visits. It is also pretty crowded but we liked that. Unless you are totally insensitive to price, may not be the most relaxing meal destination.

                    1. re: jen kalb

                      next time, go and try roberto's, it blows domminicks away. roberto's on 186 th st&belmont ave/bronz/arthur ave

                      1. re: stephen kaye
                        Peter Serratore

                        We feel that Pasquale's Rigoletto, about 200 feet down from Dominick's, is one of the best restaurants down there. We've been there 5-6 times, and it's very very good every time.
                        Go with hot antipasto, and just let them pick it out for you.
                        Saturday night they have singers and it's a blast.


                      2. re: jen kalb

                        I've been to Dominick's on numerous occasions and we've never felt like we were taken advantage of. Quite the opposite actually. As a matter of fact, one time we went with 6 people, had beer and wine, each had an individual entree (which always includes a family style served antipasto salad and bread) and were charged $100 (not including tip). And we didn't have spagetti and meatballs. This was for veal, porkchops, chicken cacciatori, calamari over linguini and the like. Not to mention that half of us had enough leftover to bring home. Where else in NY can you beat that? And the food at Dominick's is to die for. It's definitely something to boast about. Anyone who thinks differently just doesn't know great italian food. It is so good, that at the end I don't care how much the bill is. It may not be the fanciest place I've been but when the food is unparalleled and the value is great, who cares?

                        1. re: Miladys Cruz

                          I didn't say you'd feel taken advantage of...I said the price will never be the same twice, that's all. Actually, that's one of the things I still like about Dominic's. As for the "doesn't know great Italian food" quip, I know great Italian food, and I don't think Dominic's is anywhere NEAR great. In fact, it seldom reaches "very good." However, there must be something in my genetic makeup that makes me still go there sometimes. I do like the place, but it's not even close to being great Italian food. Now, Roberto's...that's great Italian food. The other great Italian food is found in my kitchen. I grew up in an Italian home and learned to cook from the matriarch of that family. She was a crazy woman, and did a lot of things to help ruin my already ridiculous life, but she sure infused me with an interest in cooking. She only knew how to do Italian, and I managed to learn that from her, but the interest in cooking I'll always have to thank her for, even though she's dead now. The main secret nowadays in my Italian cooking, when it comes to "red" is using San Marzano tomatoes. The product is so good that I can no longer take credit. I tell my guests that when they compliment me, too. But always remember to look for the 3 stamps on the side of the can, and the letters: D.O.P. You just can't duplicate these beauties anywhere BUT the San Marzano region of Italy, due to the volcanic soil in which they grow. You can plant San Marzano seeds here, and you'll grow a really good tomato, but it won't really be a San Marzano no matter how you tend it. They're so good, that it's worth using the canned S.M. tomatoes over any fresh tomatoes for your sauce. I know I've posted this in the thread about San Marzano tomatoes, but I couldn't resist, in light of Miladys Cruz's claim that Dominic's food is to die for. For me...spare my life, and feed me at Roberto's, NOT Dominic's.

                        2. re: jen kalb

                          Very true indeed. Be careful....

                        3. re: MU

                          I have been to Dominics three times and always enjoyed it tremendously. Now, you will not get the cozy atmosphere but I think in a way that was part of the fun. We had pork chops with vinegar peppers and it was fabulous. I have never had anything not perfect there.

                        4. re: frank raimondis
                          stephen kaye

                          domminick's is fine, but THE PLACE to eat at is called robertos, 186 th st. and belmont ave. about 2 blocks from domminicks. its far, far superior, nicer, etc. etc. especially for an anniversary. enjoy

                          1. re: stephen kaye

                            couldn't agree more. While Dominic's has a reputation and a fun crowd with borderline communal seating, where you'll make friends that will last at least as long as the meal, Roberto's a couple of blocks away, at the corner of Belmont Ave., is FINE dining, especially as compared to Mario's or Dominic's. Way more serious restauteurs run this place, obviously, and far superior in terms of a chef's touch. Dominic's is fun, and the stuffed artichoke is a greasy, though delicious, mess. Dominic's pricing is a joke--you think it's charming at first that there are no menus and no fixed prices, but you won't think it's so funny when you return, order the same thing as last visit, and realize that you've been charged a completely different price, made up on the spot by the manager, whose name I think used to be Charlie (perhaps still is). Go to Dominic's to say you've been there, done that. Go to Roberto's for a fine meal, but be prepared to wait, wait, wait.

                      3. we're really nuts about the food here. we travel from
                        LI to buy meat at the butcher next to madonna's
                        bakery. we buy pizza bread at madonna. mike's deli
                        makes the best heros to go to the bronx zoo or
                        botanical gardens with. we buy our fresh pasta across
                        the street from the church.

                        any other good things someone might suggest?

                        1. check out frattellis on eastchester road the bronx

                          1. r
                            Rob Krogulski

                            can somebody please tell me how to get to arthur ave by trains? im a bklyn boy i dunno bx very well. thanks.

                            1. When is the feast this year? I live in St Louis and want toi book travel. Is it the Feast of St Anthony? Whch ne is the largest and best?

                              How about Little Italy too?


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                              1. re: pjm1954

                                pjm1954, you just missed out. It was from July 12-16. Check out the indoor market instead :)


                                1. re: pjm1954

                                  pjm1954- I was just on Arthur Ave. yesterday. While it is too late for St. Anthony, there will be a Ferragosto festival the weekend after Labor Day (sometime around the 9th of Sept., I think). The largest Italian festival in NYC is San Gennaro in Manhattan's Little Italy... it can be fun, and I appreciate it for what it is (or once was), but the crowds and crass commercialism of today's festival are not necessarily something I would travel to see (IMO). For a true cultural experience among Italians and Italian-Americans, I would stick with the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. On a side note, The old Italian section of East Harlem will be having their Feast of the Giglio around the same time as Ferragosto in the Bronx and S. Gennaro in lower Manhattan. Could be a fun trip to include all three...