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Feb 19, 1999 03:17 PM

Venison @ zlata praha?

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Does anyone know when the venison feast at the astoria
czech restaurant Zlata Praha is?

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  1. The venison fest is something like march 4 - 6. It
    maybe 5 - 7, but it is that weekend.

    1. I'll be at ZP for the venison on Saturday evening; if
      any other Chowhounds are present and feel like saying
      hello, I'd love to meet you. I'm medium height with
      glasses and curly black hair, and will be sitting with
      3 or 4 other people.

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      1. re: Jeremy

        A few questions about this event: how much does it
        cost? what type of things do they usually serve? And,
        most important of all, how can I convince my wife,
        going strong on weight watchers, that it can fit into
        the diet plan?

        Also, how does Zlata Praha compare to Milan's in
        general? is it worth the extra money?

        1. re: Alan Divack

          Isn't Milan's Slovakian? And ZP Czech? I mean I've only
          been to Milan's once and Zlata Praha never but I would
          think the cuisines must be at least a little different
          to merit a distinction being made.

          1. re: Jeremy

            We went to the venison feast last night -- after that
            meal, I would be happy to go back to the restaurant,
            but not for the venison feast. The food was great -- I
            liked the gulyas and dumplings better than Milan's, and
            one of the dishes was served in a just splendid garlic
            gravy. But the place was totally chaotic, it took like
            45 minutes after we were seated to be served, and they
            screwed up our reservation so we had to wait nearly an
            hour to be seated. Next time I go there will be during
            a less busy time.

          2. re: Alan Divack
            Seth Ditchik

            I'm not sure on the particulars, all I know is when I
            used to live in Astoria every year there was a sign up
            on Zlata Praha advertising a venison feast. From what
            I have been told (all hearsay) the owner goes out and
            bags a deer that is then served to patrons on a given
            weekend. When I called for reservations I was given a
            choice of Friday-Sunday, March 5-7. I'm sure it's not
            diet, though if it's any consolation I would think
            that venison is less fatty than beef.

            Having been to ZP before, I can't imagine that it will
            be horribly expensive; their normal range is $8-12,
            and well worth it. Their phone # is 718-721-6422.