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Feb 17, 1999 03:46 PM

Bagels in Brooklyn the way they used to be

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Being a lover of great bagels, I couldn't find a bagel anymore outside of Zabars on the upper west side, that didn't have sugar in it. None of them were tasting anymore like the bagels I grew up eating, although I knew that out there in NY there had to be other wonderful bagels, I just wasn't finding them. Until recently. A life long inhabitant of Brooklyn told me that the best bagels in NY were at a place on Ave. X. called Bake City Bagels. I drove there, and sampled a fresh hot poppy seeded bagel, and discovered to my great pleasure a real OLD FASHIONED BAGEL!! 357 Ave X, between 1st & West Sts. GREAT BAGELS!! And very nice people who work there. I work in Sheepshead Bay, and it's not too far from my office.

Check it out if you're a real bagel person. My seven year old daughter is a bagel maven and take her work for it on those bagels.

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  1. Well if you are looking for good bagels you might be
    surprised to find two fine producers in the south
    slope, windsor terrace area. The Bagel Hole, although
    not the most attractive name, crafts a fine tight
    bagel. (7th ave, btwn. 12th and 13th st) Smaller than
    your avevage boisterous nyc bagel, this chewy circle
    never lets you forget who's the boss. You can dig
    right into these bagels, bite after bite, without them
    morphing into potato like shapes. Their soft center
    balancing out the almost crisp outer shell. The
    staff is slightly headstrong, maybe standing too close
    to the oven, but the reverb is exactly what you are
    looking for during the work week.

    On the other end of the bagel spectrum is Terrace
    Bagels, a favorite of cops and anyone who really is
    looking for a meal with hole. (Prospect Park West, near
    16th street) These bagels could be mistaken for small
    peruvian melons, large, soft, and ripe. Although they
    lean toward the cakey side they never stray to far from
    their roots. The sesames and poppys remind you of
    their role beyond filling gaps in your teeth. The
    cafe run by the folks at Terrace is a great quick
    brunch place that will deliver a cheese omelette,
    homefries, and a bagel for around three bucks. Take
    the f train to 15th street.

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      In Sheepshead Bay, the Bagel Station serves REAL New
      York Bagels. Not for the recently dentured, these are
      precisely what the owners' grandparents probably made.
      No fussy flavors (why does Au Bon Pain serve things
      like Dutch Apple bagels anyway) the Everything (and we
      mean EVERYTHING), Pumpernickel and Poppy Seed are
      especially great.

      Almost uniquely, you can sit down at the Bagel Station
      and enjoy your bagel on the spot - or order one of
      their bagel-based sandwiches.

      Lenders, Dunkin Donuts and the rest of the companies
      mislabeling their products as bagels should be sent to
      the Bagel Station for a course in Bagel 101.

      Bagel Station is across the street from the Sheepshead
      Bay station of the D and Q subways lines - which is
      probably where they got their name.