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Feb 7, 1999 05:33 PM

Marquette Pastry @ Berry's 7th Ave & 10th St South Slope

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I recently moved to the South Slope and was depressed
at the scarcity of quality goods for my ritual
Saturday morning pastry. A friend who has lived here
longer told me there wasn't a good croissant for sale
in the Slope. Then Berry's, a new coffee shop, opened
on 7th Avenue and 10th Street. I took a chance and
tried to persuade the owner to order pastry from
Marquette's. (For those who aren't familiar with it,
Marquette's used to be a Cobble Hill institution, but
moved its retail outlet to Manhattan. Now it does its
baking in Brooklyn but sells only afew items wholesale
to a handful of stores.)

The good news is, the owner has taken my suggestion.
He's ordered apple twists, apple pockets, raisin
danish, chocolate-, almond- and plain croissants and
even my favorite, cheese danish. The bad news is that
the guy is, after all, in business, and can't keep
ordering something if it doesn't sell. He's already
given up on apple pockets, for example.

If you live in Park Slope and like pastry, go to
Berry's and give the Marquette's items a try. I doubt
you will regret it.

I have no financial interest in Berry's or Marquette's.
But I am awfully fond of the cheese danish, and would
hate to lose them again.

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