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Jan 31, 1999 05:44 PM

Sac's pizza

  • j

I went to Sac's (Broadway and 29th Street, Astoria)
today for the first time since they remodeled (lemme
tell you, I went through serious trauma when I drove by
there this summer and saw the windows boarded up) --
I'm happy to report that they have not gone downhill --
if anything their pizza is better than it was last
year, if that's possible!

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I also went through withdrawal
    while they remodeled. Not only is the new Sac's a very
    pleasant place to eat, but their new coal oven pizza
    puts them in the ranks of Nick's and John's.

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    1. re: Brad

      Does any one know a company that builds coal ovens?