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Jan 24, 1999 09:25 PM

Coco Roco (Peruvian in Park Slope)

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We went with some friends to Coco Roco (392 Fifth Ave,
brooklyn) this afternoon for lunch. On the whole, I
refer the food at Rinconcito Peruano in Manhattan,
which is also a lot cheaper. However, Coco Roco was
good, and had the advantages of having a larger menu,
and actually having everything that was on the menu,
which never seems to happen at Rinconcito. It is also
a (slightly) more upscale place, with table cloths and
things like that. Also, the people were extremely
pleasant and helpful, and suggested that we might be
ordering too much. They also kept refilling the
addictive dishes or parched corn.

Some things we had were grilled beef hearts
(anticuchos) which were slightly spicy and very
tender-- sort of the texture of filet but with much
more flavor; a tamalito, which was sort of like
cilantro flavored polenta in a husk; papa huancina,
which were spicy and had a very cheesy flavor; and
ceviche. The ceviche was the biggest dissapointment
for us -- it was over "cooked", and had much less zing
than the version at Rinconcito, which is both fresher
and spicier. Also, the corn with it tasted like
underipe sweet corn, and not the large kerneled starchy
corn were were looking forward to. We also had good
roast pork and chicken, and chupe , a creamy shrimp
soup. EVeryone else loved the chupe, but it reminded
me too much of a paprikas with lots of red pepper,
though not picante; the rendition at Rinconito is
more subtle and elegant, and is a pale yellow rather
than red.

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  1. I stopped in recently on a Thursday night and surprised
    at how empty the place was. I was also a bit
    disappointed with the ceviche and my pork dish was
    overcooked. My girlfriend's snapper was a better dish,
    but overall it was average.

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    1. re: Tom Traub

      I went there on Sunday night, and it was packed. I had the papaya ceviche, which was a bit on the slimy side (maybe not marinated long enough). But the tamalito was great as always, and so was the lomo saltado.

      1. re: Cathy

        I'm a fan of the pork roast, tamale, and Argentine-style steak, and the lesser pleasure of some of the Andean-style hot sauces. The ceviches are not your best bet at this joint, that' for sure. Trust your ceviches to the Ecuadorians.

        1. re: Robert
          jennifer sturm

          we order in from coco roco about once every other week.
          the chicken is absolutely amazing, and it is perfect
          every time. we've also had & loved the tamales. the
          platanos are hit and miss. we've yet to make it down to
          the restaurant itself. it's too convenient to get it