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Jan 22, 1999 12:24 PM


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I overheard someone talking about a resteraunt in
Brooklyn called TwoToms. Can any of you enlighten me.
Thanks !!!


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  1. Its on 3rd Ave and Pres/Union. Great filet, porkchops.
    An order will feed 2 people. No menus. Forget about
    going on weekends. It always has "private parties".

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    1. re: DL

      Been there twice and it`s just ok. Porkchops with hot peppers so so. Do not order pasta, more atmosphere than food.But that`s my humble opinon.

      1. re: JG

        One exception to your rule about not ordering pasta is Two Tom's is the manicotti, which is amazing. Be careful when going there with large groups, as they can bring you too much food and it gets very expensive.

        1. re: Cathy

          I've got to concur with the previous correspondents,
          and add that it's one of the most overrated
          restaurants in town. I have found myself there several
          times with large groups, which is reputedly the best
          way to experience the food. On the last occasion, we
          werre finally seated about 1 1/2 hours after our
          reservation. The pastas as indeed atrocious (look in
          the kitchen and you'll see only one person cooking for
          about 40 people--the cooking is of the "open up cans
          and dump them in pots" variety). Pastas overcooked and
          runny with water. The "steak" and three-rib pork chop
          are indeed splendid, especially if you have the latter
          cooked with hot peppers--it will easily be the high
          point of the meal. The worst part about the experience
          is the bill at the end, which can often run about $50
          per person, although it seems like the kind of place
          where you could eat well for less than $10. You'll
          never be convinced that the waiter is actually
          totalling up the food that you ate--rather it seems
          like he looks at you carefully, and then decides what
          is the maximum amount you can pay without going
          ballistic. Watch for the antipasto marinated red
          peppers--they're often in the later stages of

          Did I mention that I don't like this place one bit?


          1. re: Robert

            Robert, I am afriaid you and your party got taken. A good policy for no-menu places is to ask the prices beforehand. And stik to the steak and chops by all means!

          2. re: Cathy

            I find it hard to believe that anything they serve is amazing, much less manicotti, when, when at it`s best, it`s just a different shape of pasta with, ravioli,stuffed shell,lasagna filling. Get out much ? I Remain!!

            1. re: JG

              OK, well maybe "amazing" was too strong a word for the manicotti. But I do remember it being very good, with a shell that was more crepe-like than regular pasta, and a filling that was a cut above your average lasagna filling.

              I do agree, however, most of the pasta there is not worth ordering.

              And yes, JG, I "do get out much!"

              1. re: Cathy

                One of the worst italian meals I have ever had. Actually, it was the worst. Perhaps the chef was sick that day. Would never recommend.

      2. s
        Susan Poglinco

        It's on Third Avenue and (Union?) Street in Brooklyn.
        Totally non-descript greenish door and sign that simply
        says Two Toms. Pretty much like Dominic's on Arthur
        Avenue as it was 15 years ago. No menu, serving
        whatever the chef has on hand, family style and
        supposedly the meats are good (I am a vegetarian).
        They are not always open on the weekends (I have
        driven by there at odd hours and there seems to be no
        rhymeor reason as to when they are open) and won't let
        you call ahead unless you are a large group. Call