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Jan 17, 1999 09:58 AM


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Just a quick note regarding Bo. This is a wonderful
restaurant. Went Fri. evening and had the famous
short ribs. My son had the shrimp w/bok choy. The
mung bean pancake, the panchan.. all servred
beautifully and were delicious, full-flavored.

Only one concern: it was virtually empty. This is
the type of restaurant that deserves support. It
would a shame for such a personal treasure to be lost.

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  1. Bo, Eric,

    If this restaurant is near the Hicksville/South Shore, please let me know the name and where.



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    1. re: Jim

      It's in Queens, Jim, but it's right on your way into the city.
      It's located at 59-16 Kissena Blvd, which is less than a quarter mile north of the expressway (conveniently, there's a Kissena Blvd. exit).

      For all you others reading along, this place is worth a special trip. It's awesome,
      and they really need our business. If you eat there already, eat there more. Tell your friends.
      We've got to save one of the city's best restaurants


      1. re: Jim Leff

        Should have noted the Queens location.. sorry.

        Still, I can't urge you strongly enough.. GO!