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Jan 16, 1999 12:20 PM

lemon grass

  • j

Can anyone tell me where to find lemon grass. I am in
Nassau County (Merrick), and no one has ever heard of

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  1. There is an Asian Market just south of Rangmajal (a
    very good Indian rest.) They stock a great many fresh
    veg. there, and I've seen lemongrass on occassion.

    Very friendly staff.

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    1. re: Eric R

      Lemon grass is a herb I order by mail from a company
      called Pendery's in Texas. They now have a web site
      at The sell every type of herb and
      spice I've ever heard of.

    2. Lemon grass grows in Malasia Thailand and India.It can
      be used fresh,dried or in the form of an extract.Hope
      thats helpful.

      1. Have you had any feedback? I am likewise interested in Lemon Grass, produce, etc. Would be grateful to know what you managed to research Thanks.

        1. I grow lemon grass and I just cut it way back since it was taking over the yard. I put armloads out front of my house letting my neighbors take it and it was a big hit.

          I'll mail you some free if you'll pay postage.