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lemon grass

jom Jan 16, 1999 12:20 PM

Can anyone tell me where to find lemon grass. I am in
Nassau County (Merrick), and no one has ever heard of

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  1. e
    Eric R RE: jom Jan 16, 1999 01:03 PM

    There is an Asian Market just south of Rangmajal (a
    very good Indian rest.) They stock a great many fresh
    veg. there, and I've seen lemongrass on occassion.

    Very friendly staff.

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    1. re: Eric R
      Thomas RE: Eric R Jan 16, 1999 11:51 PM

      Lemon grass is a herb I order by mail from a company
      called Pendery's in Texas. They now have a web site
      at www.penderys.com. The sell every type of herb and
      spice I've ever heard of.

    2. p
      P.S.Bakhshi RE: jom Jul 30, 1999 03:25 AM

      Lemon grass grows in Malasia Thailand and India.It can
      be used fresh,dried or in the form of an extract.Hope
      thats helpful.

      1. d
        Debra Seale RE: jom Jan 6, 2000 12:17 AM

        Have you had any feedback? I am likewise interested in Lemon Grass, produce, etc. Would be grateful to know what you managed to research Thanks.

        1. j
          Jay RE: jom Jan 10, 2000 09:04 PM

          I grow lemon grass and I just cut it way back since it was taking over the yard. I put armloads out front of my house letting my neighbors take it and it was a big hit.

          I'll mail you some free if you'll pay postage.

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