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Jan 16, 1999 08:19 AM

Diet Coke

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Had the most amazing diet coke last night at Joes of ave U. Just the right amont of ice, syrup to carb. ratio perfect!! was the glass chilled? A must for real soda jerks like me.

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  1. Big night out, eh, diet

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    1. re: B. Fish

      was it bag in the box, fountain
      can, plastic 3 liter, or
      individual 12 oz. can serving?
      was the ice chipped, cubed ,
      slushed or hand chipped? I
      must know...

      -ps. I like mine with no ice,
      because you get more liquid
      for the money that way, -they
      always try and chince on the
      soda that way to make more