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Jan 14, 1999 07:54 PM

Forest Hills

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Where's the chow in Forest Hills?

I have a movie date there next week-end.

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  1. Try Nick's Pizza (108-26 Ascan Avenue, between Austin
    and Burns Streets, tel: (718) 263-1126); one of the
    best pizza joints in the city. It's a pleasant sit-
    down environment and it's right down the block from
    the movies.

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    1. re: Seth Ditchik

      We tried Nick's Pizza.

      I'm not a pizza fineschmecker, but -- my date and I agreed that it was some of the best pizza we had ever had.

      Well, truth be told, my date is a pizza fineschmecker, having had New Haven pizza at the source, which I guess is ground zero for pizza, and she oohed and ahed over it.

      We ordered the caesar salad wich was very respectable. It was simple, but fresh, and crunchy.

      Pizza-wise, we took our cues from the big dog's book, and had a half-red, half white pie -- with ancovies and fresh garlick red-side, proscutto and peppers on the white. The white side had two kinds of cheese: mozzerella on the bottom, dollops of herbed ricotta on top.

      The crust was charred on the bottom. The consistency was pizza perfection. I thought the red side with anchovies was superior, but the white side was way up there. Very salty though, even the non anchovy side.

      I thought the pie was not as hot as a normal pizza, maybe because they it's not that greasy. It came right out of the oven though. In fact the service was amazingly speedy on a Saturday night. And very friendly to boot.

      Only complaint: Wine prices a little high I thought for a pizza place. But decent selection for this type of thing. Atmosphere was good for a date.

      Thanks for the tip!

    2. Close to the movies - Narita, 107-080 70th Road,

      Worth the walk or ride to the next subway stop -- Union
      Turnpike - Simply Thai, 118-16 Queens Blvd (Thai) - I
      think if you go before 7p you can have a complete
      dinner including a glass of wine or soda for

      1. About 12 years ago I ate in a diner whose name sort of
        escapes me, that, in addition to your run of the mill
        diner stuff, had some great Hungarian dishes. The one
        which sticks out in my memory is the solet, a treyfe
        version of cholent, made with barley, dried peas,
        garlic paprika and pork and topped with smoked pork
        tenderloin. Chowhound heaven. They also had quite
        decent pastries for dessert.

        I forget the name of the place, but it may have been
        Louie's. Does anyone else remember it?

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        1. re: Alan Divack

          Oh my god! Are they still around? The only good
          Hungarian places left are Mocca and one nearby
          (dinner only, name escapes me). The closest is
          Cornel's, a Roumanian treasure in Sunnyside. The
          Roumanians and Hungarians are the best cabbage
          stuffers in Europe: no sweet & sour, just
          fermented cabbage and luscious pork. By the way,
          New Brunswick, NJ was once teeming with Yorkville
          expats and boasted many great Etterems
          (restaurants). Are they too in jeopardy?

          1. re: Alan Divack

            The "run of the mill diner with great Hungarian dishes" was most likely Theresa's, which regretably, as of last summer has been replaced by a cell phone outlet and a childrens clothing store. But they do have locations in the East Village and in Brooklyn Heights.