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Jan 13, 1999 07:26 PM

Delhi Palace / Jackson Diner / Tabaq

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I have heard and read wildly contradictory and varying
reports about these places over the past few weeks and
months. Has anyone been recently to report?

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  1. Took a gang to the new Jackson Diner location over
    Thanksgiving weekend for the lunch buffet - liked the
    new room, and some of the dishes (preeminently the
    goat curry and dals) were excellent still, but the
    overall quality was lower than expected, especially
    the vegetable dishes like the dry-cooked
    cauliflower/potato curry, which was underseasoned and
    tired. The green chutney was dyed blue, and contained
    very little if any fresh herb, there was no raita at
    all (and this with a newly installed make-your-own
    chaat bar!) and the fried fritters were bland potato
    croquettes rather than the usual spicy bhajis. Maybe
    it's time to return to masala dosai and other ala
    carte items.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Went to Jackson Diner this week; some new dishes, like
      the Mulligawtawny Soup or a chicken appetizer fried
      with coconut and served with mango chutney, were
      excellent. We had the kadai paneer, which we've had
      many times before; I thought it was not as good as
      I've had it there before, but my dining companion
      thought it was as good if not better, so there you
      go. As long as we've been going there (4+ years) the
      quality has always varied; on it's off days it is as
      good as any indian restautant in the city, but when it
      is on it is absolutely transcendent.

      1. re: Seth Ditchik

        Having lived in the East Village( St. Marks and 1st)I
        was two short blocks from the many Bangladesh?indian
        style food. 74th Street in Jackson Heights and the
        jackson Diner in particular is far superior. I go to
        The Diner about once a week I am always made to feel
        welcome and the food is great. The daily $ 7.95 brunch
        is worth the trip. I ordered something just this past
        Friday and the owbers son personally told me the the
        mixture of veggies and sauces wouln't work and
        recommeded I choose something elso. I really thought
        that was special of them.

    2. I haven't been to Tabaq, but I've been to Jackson Hts.
      for Indian buffet five or six times during the past few
      months and have devloped my own ideas...

      The new Jackson Diner is the best looking of the
      restaurants but not very good for buffet. If you need
      to impress then Delhi Palace is your best bet. They
      have better quality and more variety than any of the

      Never mentioned here, but a favorite of mine, is Indian
      Taj, a few doors north of Delhi Palace. The buffet is a
      buck cheaper and has a few less items, but is quite
      good. It's often possible to get a seat there when you
      might have to wait at Delhi Palace or Jackson Diner.

      No matter where you eat, check out the Patel's grocery
      on the same block, the best Indian grocery I've ever


      1. I was at Delhi Palace a few weeks back. It's still
        good, including a nice masala dosai.

        1. The original comment has been removed