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Jan 11, 1999 03:25 PM

Brooklyn Fifth Ave.

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I took a walk down Fifth Ave. yesterday, and spied a lot of great looking spots along the Park Slope-Sunset Park axis. There's Mexican, Salvadoran, Ecuadorian, Polish -- anyone have any recommendations? The International, around 45th Street, seemed to have a big crowd, anyone been there? I ended up at the swell Coco Roco, but aim to try some new spots.

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  1. Try Tacos Nuevo Mexico on 5th and eithet 10th or 11th street. Don't let the inauspicious decor deter you - you'll forget you are in NYC.

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    1. re: DL

      Not a restaurant, but if you are in the area shop at
      Eagle for good selection of sausages, cheeses, teas
      etc. For a small place it has a great selection, many
      things are "homemade" and I have not seen elsewhere.
      And yes their prices are only a fraction of Manhattan.

      1. re: Lois G

        Aunt Susie's! It's across the street from the more expensive, more snooty, more sophisticated (but good) Cucina. Aunt Susie was 5th Ave before it was cool (about 10 years). It's Italian and homestyle with some twists. Great sundried tomatoes and peppercorns in pink sauce. Wonderful cream sauces. Friendly staff and a great mix of clientele. Also wonderful old tables. It's lots of food so don't order too much. This isn't nouvelle; it's italian. Lines can be long on weekends.

        1. re: Lisa Luntz

          I echo your sentiment. My husband and I had our pre-
          wedding day, meeting of the two families, dinner there
          years back and it was the perfect unpretentious
          backdrop for an important evening.

          1. re: EKahaner

            As one of those fortunate to be an attendee at the
            event Ellen mentions, let me add my two cents worth.
            This is the kind of place that feels like Home (if hme
            includes some kind of outstnding cook!) A place where
            everyone could blend comfortably. Lots of warmth to
            its feel.