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Jan 11, 1999 05:53 AM

Bronx Pizza

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I'm trying to find the best pizza in the Bronx or
lower Westchester. Any Suggestions???

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  1. Based on a very unscientific sample, I would say
    Mario's in the Belmont section of the Bronx (Arthur
    Avenue). Pizza only appears as an appetizer on the
    menu, but they will bake a large one on request.
    Great crust, delicate sauce, good proportions...only
    slightly underbaked in the middle. The other food on
    the menu I have found so-so, except for the spinach
    which was delicious.

    We used to like Full Moon on the corner of Arthur and
    187th, but have been disappointed in recent visits.
    Not bad, but not stellar. (By the way, it is much
    better in the restaurant than by the slice in the take

    Jim Zurer
    Washington DC