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Jan 7, 1999 07:45 AM

Watching our weight in Brooklyn

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We are meeting some friends for dinner in the Park
Slope area next week, and I was wondering if anyone
had any suggestions. I am dying to try Milan's, but
Mrs D. just started weight watchers (beleive me, I am
the one who needs it more than her) so somehow I think
that this is not appropriate.

Can anyone think of anywhere else? Coco Rico?

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  1. j
    Jeremy Osner

    Last time I was on 5th Avenue, I saw a brand new
    northern Italian type of restaurant down the block from
    Coco Rico -- it looked like it had a lot of potential.
    I can't remember the name, but it was on the northwest
    corner of like 5th and Garfield or possibly Carroll.

    1. m
      Mario Di Biase

      I May Be Biassed, but Sotto Voce on 7th Ave And 4th
      Str Looks like a good bet ;)

      1. You may want to try 12th Street Cafe (corner of 12th
        St & 8th Ave) - or Max & Morin"s (7th Ave between 14
        St & 15 st. Call ahead for reservations and Bon