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Jan 6, 1999 11:24 PM

Milan's in Brooklyn

  • j

I'd like to state for the record that Eric Asimov's NY Times review last week of wonderful Milan's Restaurant was based on an independent discovery of his, even though it also happens to appear in my book. Great place, by the way; one of the best deals in Brooklyn. Hope you all check it out!

...and I hope Asimov continues sneaking more and more chowhoundish places into Da Paper of Record (what is this, the end of the millenium or something?!?)


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  1. Jim, where is Milan's on 5th Ave? I walked from 20th
    St. down to Carroll today and could not find it.

    A suggestion: when you or others recommend
    restaurants, the address or cross street would be very
    helpful, and the telephone # too, if possible. I have
    often looked these restaurants up on the Internet or
    in the phone book and cannot find them.

    Thanks fo this great website.


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    1. re: Steve W.

      Milan's is a few blocks south of 20th- farther down on
      5th almost to Greenwood cemetery (an interesting place
      to visit in its own right)