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Dec 21, 1998 11:05 AM

Staten Island Favorites

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Suggestions for good eating in Staten Island (not too
pricey). Thanks!

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  1. Just looking at Jim's Eclectic Gourmet Guide, I see
    two recommendations.

    He's mentioned mentioned Killmeyer's Old Bavaria Inn
    many times as a fun beer-gardeny kind of place, with
    hearty food, a great beer selection, and live music.
    It's at 4524 Arthur Kill Rd. (984-1202)

    And Denino's at 524 Port Richmond Ave. for great pizza
    (no slices).

    I have never personally eaten a morsel of food in
    S.I., so I bow to the Alpha Hound's expertise.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Kilmeyers ( Arthur Kill rd & Sharrots Ave )is a great
      choice for german food. Been There done That and Loved
      it. Denino's ( Port Richmond Ave )is the best pizza
      joint on the isle, consistantly for years.
      Try also Toto ( Amboy Rd & Richmond Road )for sushi,
      best on the south shore, but you know sushi, it can get
      expensive if your hungry.
      Cafe luna ( Hylan Blvd ) is nice if you if you want to
      spend a little more, it more like true Italian food.

      1. re: Mario

        Aesop's Tables (Bay Street) is a little pricey (an average of about $40 per person with wine, appetizer,
        main course and dessert), but more than worth it. Hands-down my favorite restaurant on Staten Island.
        Beautiful space, garden dining in warm weather, and wonderful, wonderful food (they're especially good
        with fish). A similiar meal would be twice as much in Manhattan. Across from Denino's (which does have
        some fine pizza, I must agree) is an Italian ice/cream-ice/ice-cream stand by the name of Ralph's. In
        warm weather there is always a line of chattering families and teenagers. Great artisanal tasting treats
        that you can eat sloppily, while sitting on the hood of your car, and watching the neighborhood go by.
        Also, relatively newly opened is Gibb's (also on Bay Street, a stone's throw from the ferry) a BBQ joint/
        bar that has really good corn bread, fried okra, greens, burgers and of course, the requisite Q, along
        with a nice staff and great ambience. Saturday nights there's live bluegrass as well. There are good
        places to eat on Staten Island. It's just a matter of seeking them out.

        1. re: M. Rossini
          Christine Bridges

          The pizza at Nunzio's (on Hylan Blvd., around, is it
          Dongan Hills?) was always one of my favorites. Anyone
          know whether it's still good? Or still there?


          1. re: Christine Bridges

            the only problem with s i rest. is that its in si

            1. re: jg
              Jessica Nepomuceno

              On Feb. 23, 1999, Christine Bridges wrote: "the only
              problem with s i rest. is that its in si." Aside from
              the obvious semi-literacy displayed by this rather, uh,
              inspired response, I can't help but find fault with
              this statement.

              So maybe I am biased because I'm a Staten Islander,
              born and bred. But I'm also a chowhound who thinks
              there are plenty of good places worth sniffing out in
              ALL the boroughs. What's the matter, Christine,
              adverse to a little relaxing 20 minute free ferry ride?
              Staten Island can be beautiful (and some of its
              restaurants are worth the trip). I'm thinking
              particularly of Cafe Luna on Hylan Boulevard, Ralph's
              Ices, and Aesop's Tables.

              Stop being a snob, and open your mind to different
              culinary horizons! If you still don't want to, that's
              okay: that's more food for those of us in the know.

              1. re: Jessica Nepomuceno

                Jessica: I think that if you'll check again you'll
                discover that Christine posted a nice Staten Island
                message, while the one you (and I) object to is from
                JG. No big surprise there! My last trip to NY took me
                to Brooklyn, and the next one, I hope to take the ferry
                to Staten Island. pat

                1. re: pat hammond
                  Jessica Nepomuceno

                  Yikes...Pat was right. I did fire off a huffy letter
                  to Christine, when I really meant to fire off a huffy
                  letter to jg. So here I go again: I'm annoyed at jg
                  because he/she/it didn't offer ANY criticism of S.I.
                  restaurants (good or bad). And you can't tell me that
                  Island restaurants are bad because of their distance
                  from the city. Lemme tell you, buddy, it takes longer
                  to get to the Bronx from my part of South Slope,
                  Brooklyn than it does to get to S.I.! What's more,
                  there's plenty worth sniffing out there,

                  And oh yeah, I'm annoyed at myself for wrongfully
                  directing my prior comments to Christine. Mea
                  Culpa!--And thanks for setting me straight, Pat. I
                  hope you enjoy yourself on the ferry.

                  1. re: Jessica Nepomuceno

                    for years people have been begging me to open a rest. like the one I have in si. I refuse , maybe it``s the shopping centers everywhere that reminds me of orlando, or the teased-up haired and air-brushed painted finger nailed women or the cafones that have relocated to si.but aside from my own personal quirks, I`ve eaten at luna`s basils and a place on hylan i think neopolitan something, all average

                    1. re: jg
                      Jessica Nepomuceno

                      Okay, JG is entitled to his own opinion. But I still
                      say there's stuff worth visiting on Staten Island. For
                      instance, there's something quite tranquil about
                      sitting on the footbridge in Silver Lake Park, eating
                      chow fun from Mai Ling's Kitchen nearby on Forest
                      Avenue. Or having an early morning cup of coffee and a
                      biscotti from Alfonso's on Victory Blvd. before I go
                      to work.

                      Hey...not to draw this thread out farther, but...last
                      time I checked, S.I. certainly does not have a monopoly
                      on the nails-n-hair ladies! The other boroughs can
                      definitely share that mantle proudly.

                      1. re: Jessica Nepomuceno

                        "last time I checked, S.I. certainly does not have a monopoly on the nails-n-hair ladies! The other boroughs can definitely share that mantle proudly"

                        yeah, JG's one to tawk, living in Bay Ridge...

                        For what it's worth, I LOVE Staten Island. I've had a lot of fun chowhounding around there, and hope to do lots more.

              1. re: Christine Bridges

                Re: Nunzios
                Yes Nunzio's is still here, and still good. It's
                located at Hylan Blvd., and Midland Ave.

            2. re: Dave Feldman
              Susan Ambrosino

              If you would like a great dining experience try the
              Tompkins Inn. 492 Tomkins Avenue.

              They have a great variety on there menu and the dining
              atmosphere is casual. They have recently opened up the
              Garden Patio area. I have seen this area and it looks
              great. I plan on enjoying my next dinner while relaxing
              out on their patio.

              The soft shell crab dishes are delicious and hopefully
              Chef Jerry will have another Special advertised when I
              am there.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                Elm Park Inn...Superb! most tender ribs on the east coast! Fantabulous Fried calamari, jam-packed after 6-6:30pm on weekends, no resvervations. Have tried almost everything on the menu, never disappointed! Their motto is "Dinner today, & lunch for tomorrow" Doggie bags pass you by all night. Even people that I told about this place that work for me have trekked repeatedly from as far away as east new york & Queens. One block past Wilson at 238 Morningstar road (Near the bayonne bridge)

              2. China New Star restaurant, Forest Ave. and Arnprior near the Expressway. Friendly service, awesome pan-fried noodles, some crazy sweet rice vinegar/ginger salad dressign I've never had anywhere else.

                1. We lived there for three years. My favs:

                  Vida: On Van Duzer across from Muddy Cup coffee shop. Tell Sylva we miss her tremendously - we lived down the block. The food is like a nuevo mediterranean. She's fantastic and we adored her food, the decor, the wine, the I need to take a trip. Be sure and take cash. Her place is small and beautiful (10-15 small tables) and she doesn't take credit.

                  Aesop's Tables: as mentioned, is a bit pricey but SOO good

                  Los Lobos: authentic Mexican, fantastic food, take cash. Very cheap and tasty.

                  East Pacific: OK, this place is at the mall. I know I know, but the food is really good. It's an upscale-ish asian with a sushi bar. The decor is actually quite nice and it's moderately priced.

                  Es Ca: I miss this wonderful Italian place so much. We always had a great time and enjoyed our dinner immensely.

                  I was not a fan of Denino's. Didn't impress me in the least. Really liked Luna or was it Mezza Luna? Can't remember but it was on Hylan.

                  Unfortunately every other boro feels it has a right to be elitist about SI. We loved our time there. My husband used to say "telling a fellow New Yorker you live in Staten Island is like saying you have liver cancer - they are horrified".

                  It's a lovely place - enjoy your stay!

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                  1. re: krissywats

                    Just to update this: Los Lobos has been closed for a long, long time. But, there's another fine taqueria just up Victory Blvd (at the corner of Monroe St.). It's called Taqueria El Gallo Azteca. A tiny hole-in-the-wall place, but very tasty.