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Dec 18, 1998 05:08 PM

Ooops, I mean Dyker Heights, Brookyn

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I've just read about Dyker Heights, Brooklyn Christmas decorations in the Times. Does anyone know good places to eat around there? Thanks

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  1. Go to Bay Ridge....there was a posting on here last yr
    about a place on 75th St., I think, or 4th Ave and
    75th....Mambo Grill is a Carmines-type place in Bay
    Ridge that is fun and cheap and good food. Bensonhurst,
    the neighborhood nearby, is true heavy-duty Italian,
    although I don't know any places there. And of course
    there is always Lundy's in Shepshead Bay--crowded, but
    I loved the chowder, etc.

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    1. re: Lisa R.

      After living in Manhattan for a dozen years, I left
      briefly but have decided to return. Currently, I am
      staying with a friend in Bensonhurst. The
      neighborhood oozes Olive Oil, and there are plenty of
      decent restaurants and Italian food shops/bakeries.

      I am only beginning to discover the good restaurants.
      For starters, however, I highly recommend two of
      them. For unpretentious dining at a buffet style
      restaurant with little aesthetics but great food, try
      Casa Calamari at 1801 Bath Avenue (corner of 18th
      Avenue; 234-7060). Their menu consists of items like
      eggplant rollatini, golden fried calamari, tortellin
      salad, linguini w/garlin & oil, pizza w/fresh
      mozzarella cheese-artichokes & prosciutto, veal
      parmigiana, etc.

      A bit more upscale (still no decor, but tableclothes
      and busboys), there is Torre's at 6808 Bay Parkway
      (256-1140). The menu has similar Souther Italian
      offerings, and homemade deserts (eg, tartuffo, Italian
      cheesecake, etc.). I went there with my girlfriend on
      Valentine's Day. It was great. We sat near three
      middle-aged Italian gentlemen who were deciding
      whether or not to slash someone's tires.

      I have never been there, but the Zagat guide
      recommend's Tomasso's. It looks a bit stuffy, but
      supposeldy serves good food.

      Below is a link to Brooklyn Bridge's magazine's
      website that I have found helpful.

      Good Luck.

      - matt

      1. re: Matthew Kohl

        Matt, casa calamari is casa horribli, generic italian food that is so so. try joes on avenue u Tommassos offers one of the biggest wine inventory in ny, food is good nothing you havent seen before, owner is opera buff who breaks into arias indining room. Torys is that old fashioned stuff try tuscany grill on 3 rd ave jg

        1. re: jg

          Hi Matt ..i couldnt agree with you more about Casa Calamari, the food is outstanding, the brick oven pizza, Fried calamari,CHickenRosa, the pasta dishes..all superb..not to mention the exotic salad bar that is different form all others with its many grilled vegetables and of course the house favorite, Grandpa's bean salad !!! Just perfect...the lines out the door every weekend prove us both to be very right...and as for that person who replied to you saying that Joes of Ave U is better LOLOLOLOL you cant compare cavier with tuna...or champagne with beer for that matter

          1. re: Beth

            well what I meant was joes was the better of two evils, steam table food.the new chinese buffetts popping up all over should satsfy you

    2. The restaurants suggested so far are not really in Dyker Heights, which is small and until recently had little to offer in the way of restaurants. However, Villa Victoria at the corner of 13th Avenue and 74th Street, which is the heart of Dyker Heights, is a welcome addition. The chef/owner is formerly of Canastel's in Manhattan and the trendy decor smacks of Manhattan. The food is creative, the service friendly, and the Xmas displays are right nearby.