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Dec 18, 1998 01:59 PM

Good food in Dyker Heights, Queens?

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I've just read about the Christmas decorations in Dyker Heights,Queens.Does anyone know any good places to eat around there? (it's roughly between 18th Ave B and M station and 86 street R station).

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    Barry Strugatz

    I think you mean Brooklyn.

    1. Dyker heights is a rather amorphous area, between
      rather than really near subway lines, but I believe
      the top light viewing area is north of 86th, n. of
      Dyker Beach Park and golfcourse, which stretches from
      7th to 13th or 14th aves.(not as far as it seems - I
      think going west to east 7th is followed by 10th or
      11th aves), which are some of the prime streets.

      Two possibilities are chowhound fave Karam (near 4th
      Ave and 86th Street) and Tommaso's on 86th at 15th,
      which is a rather grand neighborhood institution with
      fine wines, opera singing and maybe Christmas
      specialties (they do an Easter eve fish feast). Better
      call them for info if interested. If you want to stay
      closer to a subway line, you may want to walk west
      from the 4th Ave. subway line, into Bay Ridge proper,
      over towards Ridge and Narrows Aves., where there are
      good lights too. Also more of a restaurant
      concentration on Third Ave, tho I cannot comment on
      quality. If you have a car, the Sunset Park
      chinatown, on 8th in the low 60s-high 50s is another
      nearby possibility.

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        Thanks so much, Jenkalb, for the incredibly useful information. We'll use it all.