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Dec 14, 1998 07:14 PM

What happened to all the chow hounds?

  • m

Chow Hound got off to a roaring start! Why did it just
die. Hey guy what about a little PR?

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  1. "Chow Hound got off to a roaring start! Why did it just die"

    Mario, we're averaging 5000 hits per day and these message boards are absolutely groaning with messages! The capsule reviews are wailing (we're now covering LA), and while I haven't been updating "what jim had for dinner" much (because the problem is that that page would gradually contain the info of every book and article I ever wrote!), there is a TON of material to read there, on the what's new archive, and in the food writing section.

    Seems pretty happening to me...

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Jim, The hits may be true, but your NY reviews are from
      Oct. I understand that its a free site, but 2 months.
      Please, don't think I knocking CH but The message
      boards are also a bit dated.

      1. re: Mario
        Jonathan Gold

        So post already, and stop kvetching.

        You sound like Yogi Berra: ``Nobody goes
        there any more. It's too crowded.''

        1. re: Jonathan Gold

          Hey Mario,
          Welcome to the boards. Since this is the outer
          boroughs, give me your favorite haunt for chowhounding.
          Let me know, Regards, JK

          1. re: John Knoesel

            John, unfortunately, I'm a little biased to my new
            place Sotto Voce (7 ave & 4th str Parkslope) Please try
            it and let me know, one better, introduce yourself if
            you stop in. being a CH, this is my dream come true,
            and I would love the input.

        2. re: Mario

          "your NY reviews are from Oct"

          Do you mean the encapsulations? Our encapsulator had to take a brief hiatus, but she's back. Take a look.

          "..,The message boards are also a bit dated"

          The boards are slamming! Are you using hotpost to see new messages? We're getting more action these days than we ever have in the past!