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Dec 2, 1998 08:20 AM

Ecuadorean in Jackson Heights

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There are a lot of Ecuadorean places opening recently
in Jackson Heights, threatening to outnumber the
Colombian restaurants. We tried one of them, La Picada
Azuaya on 37th Ave. and 84th Street, last night -- I
liked it, Ellen didn't. I had hornado, which was a
succulent, moist roast pork loin. It came with a huge
pile of the Ecuadorean version of posole, which I've
been craving lately -- such a delicious, intense corn
flavor! Also served on the side was a yummy potato
patty, which is sort of like an arepa con queso but
made with mashed potatoes instead of masa harina.

Ellen's pollo al horno (roast chicken) was
disappointing -- too dry and flavorless. It came with
rice (no beans) and tostones (which she asked for
instead of french fries); the tostones were good.

One other note is that both dishes came with an iceberg
lettuce salad, as is common at latin restaurants in the
neighborhood; this salad was better than average,
because of the dressing, which was simple but good, and
the plentiful red onions. Also there was a very tasty
salsa on the table, extremely hot.

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  1. If you want the best...
    go to the restaurant next to picada. It has the best
    humita's and "ARROZ CON POLLO" OoHh!!!
    Take a date there and you'll feel like you've been to Ecuador. The best part is that they give you ALOT!!
    It's on 85th and next to Roosevelt ave.
    They also have great music videos...
    Then after i finished eating...I went to the bar and ordered a white russian and relaxed....there's even a juke box!
    I WENT CRAZY... it was fascinating.
    I recommend it for classy dates.