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Nov 23, 1998 08:13 AM

Afghan in Woodside

  • j

Following the EGG, we dined at Speengar on Friday
night. Our shared dinner was Aukush (scallion ravioli
with yogurt; I might be spelling it wrong), Narienge
Palaw (pilaf with saffron and orange peel and
pistachios), and grilled lamb kebab that came with the
pilaf. Also I drank salty Dough, a yogurt-based drink.

Everything was very good; the rice was plump and moist,
but the lamb was slightly overcooked and dry. The mix
of flavors in the pilaf was wonderful.

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  1. "Following the EGG..."

    for less hip readers, Jeremy's referring (thanks, Jeremy!)
    to my book,
    The Eclectic Gourmet Guide to Greater New York City:«
    The Undiscovered World of Hyperdelicious Offbeat Eating in All Five Boroughs

    (see for more info...I know, I know, you're
    all sick of hearing that. sorry...

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Happy to, Jim. On the message boards and mailing lists
      I've frequented, any frequently-referred to item will
      quickly be acronymized (word?). I figured the EGG had
      reached that stage. On the other hand, I don't want to
      create work for you of going thru posts and clarifying
      the acronym wherever it appears. So lemme know what you

    2. s
      Steve Adolphus

      It's a good place, and the helpings are generous. One
      consumer information tip: what they call brown rice is
      not--it seem to be white rice which has been the
      equivalent of stir-fri

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      1. re: Steve Adolphus

        Good point about the brown rice (I should have noted it
        in my review of the place...I'll fix it in the next
        edition). I'm pretty sure that they're just translating
        directly from the Afghani in calling it "brown rice".
        Though I don't know how many vegetarians would make it
        into the back dining room past the broiling hunks o'
        meat in front, anyway...