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Nov 21, 1998 01:53 PM

Cafe Caspiy?

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This is the Azeri 1000 one way streets from nowhere in
Brooklyn. Sietsema raved about it in his book, and Jim
wrote about it glowingly somewhere deep down in the
food writings section of these boards . However, it is
missiing from Jim's book. Any reason why? Has anyone
been there recently. We were discussing making the
trek, and if we'd like to know if we shouldn't bother.

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  1. Alan--amazing coincidence. Was thinking about going there this very night (Cafe Pearl ain't making Georgian food anymore, apparently, and so Azerbaijani is the closest substitute), but I haven't been in a few years and *I'M* not sure if it's still worth the trip, either. Was going to check it out for my book, but didn't get a chance (and since it's already in Robert Sietsema's book, I didn't expend the extra effort). If any of you do go, don't miss the cutaby, great tender crepes.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Cafe Caspiy is not more, and its successor is
      apparently not worth the trip. Some friends of mine
      went there over the weekend, and it is under new
      managment and called Cafe Mirage (I think), and bills
      itself as Russian-French. Our friends thought the
      food was pretty bad, and very repetitive, with many
      different-sounding dishes based on the same
      combination of ground lamb soaked in butter. They
      also said that they were the only people eating
      there. There were a number of other people, mostly
      men, but one woman in a tight leopard skin dress, who
      would come in, whisper conspiratorially, to each other
      and the waiter, and then leave.

      Oh well -- I should have gone there when I first read
      about it.