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Nov 9, 1998 08:33 AM


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Well Amazon sent my Eclectic Guide along on Saturday.
Book in hand, Ellen and I drove out to Midwood on
Sunday, for lunch at DiFara's Pizza -- we were not
disappointed. My hero was, I think, the first sausage &
pepper hero I've had where the taste of bell peppers
was dominant, rather than of sausage. And served on
great bread. Ellen had a slice, which was excellent,
and a salad, also very good.

We mentioned the Guide to the man behind the counter
(who I think may have been the owner), and he said some
people had been in Saturday and told him about it --
word gets around fast!

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  1. DiFara's is the best. Avoid the pit of hell which is nearby and which is called Bukhara which is, I believe, Pakistani for roach infested, curry covered decaying flesh. My stomach is still bucking. By the way, the owner of DiFara is Dominick who makes his own tomato sauce from fresh plum tomatoes. His marinara spaghetti is incredibly good

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    1. re: Marilyn

      yeah, Difara's IS the best.

      Sounds like you went to the wrong Bukhara. The one reviewed in my book is at 1095 Coney Island Avenue (between Glenwood and Avenue H), and it's
      extremely clean (the other Bukhara, up the block, is not recommended). And the food is quite good; Julie Sahni, who I consider the foremost English
      language authority on Indian cooking, agrees, as do a dozen or so other food savvy friends who've become hooked on the place.

      That said, who might have had an off night. I've never seen anything less than fresh, fluffy rice, and I've certainly never seen a roach there,
      though that can happen anywhere (with the exception of places so pumped full of pesticides that all lifeforms are decimated).

      1. re: Marilyn
        Barry Strugatz

        I've eaten at Bukhara many times and I've never seen a
        roach. The food has always been fresh and very
        tasty. If you don't eat flesh they have many great
        vegetarian dishes. I've been to almost all the
        Pakistani restaurants along Coney Island Ave and it's
        the best.

      2. A friend and I went to DiFara's for dinner last night,
        and I give it a big thumbs up. We shared a meatball
        parm hero, a slice of mushroom, and a slice of
        artichoke. The artichoke pizza was really tasty - the
        artichokes seemed fresh, not canned, and there was a
        whole lot of artichoke. Meatball hero - also fine.
        Nice crusty bread and a good sauce-meatball ratio.
        I'll definitely go back - the pasta near us smelled

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        1. re: Jessica

          Di Fara's is now my favorite place for pizza when I go
          to New York. I have never had anything but pizza
          there, but it sounds like I should branch out.

          The artichoke pizza is very special...he sautees his
          fresh artichokes in lots of olive oil before he puts
          them on top of the makes it a little oily,
          but delicious.

          The one disappointment we have had there was a slice
          with sausage....the slice was fine, but the sausage
          was curiously bland and non-descript.

          Oh well, no one's perfect.

          Jim Zurer
          Washington DC