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Oct 23, 1998 02:20 PM

Luncheonette on Court St.

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I pass "Luncheonette," on Court near Pacific St. every
day, and it smells GOOD. Has anyone eaten there?
Everyone in there seems to know each other really well,
awhich is daunting. Will they welcome me into their
midst and feed me? What should I eat there? Help me.

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  1. Great Yemenite mountain food. Try it! Especially
    the foul m'dammas & lamb with rice, and marak
    (bone soup).

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    1. re: Allan Evans

      Sounds tasty. How does it compare with yemen Cafe (on
      Atlantic)? I've also been meaning to go there. This
      may sound silly, but I've never seen any women in
      Luncheonette, and that's a little daunting. But it
      smells so very good every day, and your suggestions
      sound good.

      1. re: Jessica

        It's more rugged than Yemen Cafe (as they are
        from a mountain town). Go in already, what are
        you waiting for? Your olfactories are already
        begging you to taste it.

        1. re: Allan Evans

          Mountain food indeed. It's one of those places that
          hardly nods to the fact that it's in the US; nothing in
          English except the choking sign and the "what have you
          done for Allah today" donation box. But the cook
          (proprietor?), a short man around fifty, was very
          friendly, and served up what I take is the standard
          lamb preparation (subtly spiced fist-sized hunk of
          shoulder, roasted, but very tender; must be marinated)
          (to be eaten with hands, no knife provided), which for
          $11 comes with the bone soup and a little salad (with
          an intriguing dressing). Quite a fill. Together with
          a walnut baklava at Damascus bakery around the corner,
          no need for dinner after this lunch.

          I can understand Jessica's concern on the gender side,
          though. You have to wonder if Yemeni women eat
          together with Yemeni men in those mountains.