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Oct 5, 1998 11:18 AM

Malasian in Flushing

  • j

I think some Chowhound recommended Satay Hut a while
back; whoever you were, many thanks! My wife and I ate
there on Saturday and we were in 7th heaven -- it's a
great restaurant.

It's a block south of Roosevelt Avenue, between Prince
and Main. Just the appetizers alone qualify dinner
there as a treat -- we had the "Five Delicacies", which
is different types of stuffed vegetables and tofu in a
curry broth, and some fresh rotis with different
dipping sauces. For main course we had fried noodles
with seafood, and duck with ginger and scallions.


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  1. l
    Lisa Antinore

    isnt it the best??? :)

    2 Replies
    1. re: Lisa Antinore
      Jeremy Osner

      Well I don't know if it's the *best*, since it's the
      *only* Malasian food I've ever eaten. I did like it a
      lot, though.

      1. re: Lisa Antinore
        george osner

        In my limited experience (3 or 4 restaurants), it's the
        best I've had.