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Oct 3, 1998 10:42 PM

New Jackson Diner

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I was wondering what other people's impressions of the
new Jackson Diner were. I am conflicted about it; on
one hand, it is a nice new (and larger) dining space
and the food is still great, on the other hand, prices
are higher, they're offering Chinese food(?!), and
something seems to have been lost in the transition.
A friend suggests that part of the charm of old Diner
was its intimacy. Any thoughts?

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  1. j
    Jeremy Osner

    I went there Friday night. I thought the food was as
    good as it had been in the old space -- I didn't notice
    any Chinese food on the menu?? The service was way
    worse than it had been, which I guess is to be expected
    at first -- I hope they can make the transition
    successfully, because the service at the old JD was one
    of the things I really loved about it. One food problem
    -- and this is due to the slowness of the service -- my
    Seekh Kebab was getting cold by the time I was served.

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    1. re: Jeremy Osner

      for those not in the know - what is the address of the NEW Jackson Diner? Thanks!

      1. re: jen kalb
        Jeremy Osner

        Not sure of the exact address, but it's on the same
        block, 74th Street between Roosevelt and 37th Ave.,
        right in the middle of the block.

        1. re: Jeremy Osner
          Jeff Rosenblum

          Visited the NEW Jackson Diner on a recent sat. and
          enjoyed the $8.00 lunch buffet. The new place is 4
          times as big and there looks to be an as yet unopened
          mezzanine level. The decor seems as if it is from the
          MOMA. On one side of the room picture frames are split
          and separated in different shapes and the ceiling is
          adorned with Key West inspired fruit shapes. The food
          was great and people rushed over and lined up when a
          new batch of dessert was brought out (the zeppole type
          of bread wi