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Oct 1, 1998 01:16 AM

Long Island City

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I have to be in LIC this Friday. Its not an are of the City that I get to often. Are ther any restaurants worth sticking around for or should I head to Astoria or Williamsburg instead. any suggestions?

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  1. A good red sauce Italian "Family" place is Manducati's,
    I went on an early-in-the-week night and the place was
    empty but on the weekends it's supposed to be jumpin'.I
    heard that Pearson's BBQ is somewhere nearby and rumor
    has it that it's a destination worth seeki

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    1. re: amy tarshis
      John Knoesel

      Pearsons beek ribs are probably the best in the 5
      boroughs (texas style-REAL smoky) but it is more
      take-out than restaurant. Manducati's is great but you
      might encounter a wait-their half hour is an hour.
      There are some decent Irish pubs on Queens Blvd. in
      Sunnyside if that is something you might consider.
      The Orchard - 41st south side of QB and P.J.Horgan's -
      42nd north side of QB. Good pints and reliable pub