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Sep 26, 1998 08:06 AM


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Tried to go to Casablanca last night, following the
strong recommendations here, but it has closed.
Another arabic restaurant has taken its place, but at
7:45 Friday evening it was totally deserted, so we
decided to go elsewhere. I recently returned from a
trip to Syria and Turkey and realized the restaurants
on Atlantic Ave. have a long way to go. Has anyone
found any other good places in Brooklyn?

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  1. Try the Yemenite place vaguely identifying itself
    as "Luncheonette" on Court street between
    Atlantic & Pacific. It looks like a social club
    and the menu is only in Arabic, but they offer
    mountain-style food, with superb marak (lamb-bone
    broth), foul medammas in cast-iron pans from the
    oven, and lamb atop rice seasoned with cardmom &
    chile currants, with a pepper sauce that
    resembles Mexican salsa. Otherwise, it's nearly
    impossible to find the taste of the MidEast over
    here. Kebab Cafe in Astoria also tends to be very
    fine, and the El-Wady across the street, while
    not superb, is like a modest eatery in

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    1. re: Allan Evans

      Three great meals at Casablanca. How I miss the kind,
      friendly owner, the greaseless bastilla, the perfect
      marinated beets, and the heavenly toasted blanched

      Where else to eat Moroccan that's great. Atlantic Ave.
      has so far been a b