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Sep 10, 1998 03:42 PM

New Cafe in JH

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a new cafe opened up on 37th Ave and 79th street
called Cafe Grecco, I think, serving various kinds of
coffee and pastries, sorbet, and gelato. Also they have
food, including salad, sandwiches, and individual
pizzas; but I only went there for coffee.

I didn't think it really was as good as the
ubiquitous Greek? cafes in Astoria. I had a rasberry
tart with custard filling; it didn't have much flavor
and the crust was very crumbly. And the coffee (I had
espresso) was fair.

It doesn't really have any competition to speak of in
the neighborhood; there is an italian bakery and cafe
next door to Urugaya which I have never been in but my
wife says is bad. And of course there are many, many
central american bakery/cafes all over the neighborhood
that are all over the quality spectrum. I don't really
know if Grecco is in direct competition with those
places; they serve a totally different style of pastry,
and they usually don't have tables or table service,
which Grecco has both.

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  1. I went to Cafe Grecco this weekend and was utterly
    charmed. The food was just OK, but it has wonderful
    atmosphere, friendly service, good coffee, and low
    prices. The double cappucino was humongous; it looked
    like a stein of coffee.

    This place won't draw folks from out of the area, but
    as a neighborhood coffeehouse it fits the bill quite
    nicely, and without the overblown-ness or pricyness of
    some Astoria places.