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Sep 1, 1998 08:16 AM

Atlantic Avenue

  • b

I start jury duty tomorrow (I have much reading and
writing to catch up on, so I welcome it, unlike many
people) and was wondering if anyone had any favorite
Atlantic Avenue haunts for lunch during or shopping at
the end of the day. I'm planning on a trip to Sahadi
Imports, but otherwise would love some direction.

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  1. j
    Jeremy Osner

    Fountain Cafe, between Court and Clinton, has always
    been a big favorite of mine for the standard
    middle-eastern lunch -- you know, hummus, felafel,
    baba, etc.

    1. j
      Josh Mittleman

      In addition to Sahadi's, don't miss Oriental (something
      of other), right across the street. Their olives are
      much better.

      If you get bored with great Middle Eastern food, you
      should also try the Waterfront Ale House, if it's open.
      They are on the same side of the street as Sahadi's,
      about two blocks west. They have good food at good
      prices, and absolutely wonderful beer.