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Sep 1, 1998 08:16 AM

Atlantic Avenue

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I start jury duty tomorrow (I have much reading and
writing to catch up on, so I welcome it, unlike many
people) and was wondering if anyone had any favorite
Atlantic Avenue haunts for lunch during or shopping at
the end of the day. I'm planning on a trip to Sahadi
Imports, but otherwise would love some direction.

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  1. For further info, see posts Re: sweet ramadan at the end of last year, recommending Yemen Cafe, (upstairs and across the street from Sahadi and another spot. Waterfront ale House is on the South (Cobble Hill) side of Atlantic. There is also a place called Fatoosh (I think) on maybe Hicks just north of Atlantic that makes pretty good fresh "pitzas" and other mideast stuff. And if you really think another place's olives top Sahadi's ( doubt it-they have terrific turnover), please report!

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    1. re: jenkalb

      The Yemen Cafe makes a great dish called Assad, a
      doughy dumpling in a lamb-based gravy. Their
      shafotah--torn up bits of pita in a yogurt sauce--is
      also great, especially on a summer day. Their foul is
      intermittantly awesome and pedestrian, but when it's
      good there is very little that can match it.

      The Fountain makes the best baba ganoush in NYC, in my
      opinion. Everything else there is very good, also.

      I think La Boulabaise has a lunch special. It is a
      very good, very small French restaurant favored by
      locals because it has no liquor license, which means
      you can save a bundle by bringing your own wine, and
      because the food is very good. The boulabaise is quite
      good, as is the poached pear with blue cheese.

      Up Montague there is a sandwich shop that all the
      judges and lawyers go to. It's near the promenade, on
      the left hand side as you walk away from the courthouse
      and toward the water, but I can't remember what it's
      called. They make a wide variety of great heroes.

      After Sahadi check out El-Asmar just down the block.
      They carry many of the same items and the folks who run
      it are very nice.

      1. re: Tom M

        That sandwich shop on Montague, between Henry and Hicks
        St, is Lassen & Henning (spelling may be a little off).

      2. re: jenkalb
        Josh Mittleman

        I really think Oriental Grocery (I think that's the
        name; it's diagonally across the street from Sahadi's)
        has better olives. Sometimes they have
        lemon-and-fennel cured green olives, which are to die
        for. This past weekend, Riva & I picked up some of
        their kalamatas, Turkish oil-cureds, and some lemon &
        hot pepper cured green olives. We also got some
        Nicoises from Sahadi.

        Sahadi does have the best capers anywhere.