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Aug 25, 1998 09:45 AM

Birthday Party at Pio Pio

  • j

Last night was Ellen's (mi esposa) birthday which we
celebrated with 11 friends at Pio Pio. What a great
place for a party! We had a big table upstairs. The
menu was simple, lots of chicken and french fries, and
pitchers of sangria and pisco sour. Their coffee
machine was broken so we went back home for coffee and
dessert. This is a great place to take a group of
friends out when your on a budget; the bill (before
tip) came out to about $10 apiece. (But pay cash; when
the waiter found out I was using a credit card he added
tax to the bill).


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  1. Just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the
    info re. Pio Pio.
    We just returned from dinner, terrific. The chicken
    was tender and perfectly seasoned. The fries crisp and
    not greasy. The beans and rice was(were?) even first