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Aug 14, 1998 10:43 AM

Yet another Colombian in Jackson Hts.

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Last night I ate at Los Toldos, on Northern Blvd. and
83rd or 84th Street. I thought it was really good, so
good that I overate a bit and had a stomach ache in the
morning. I had the Bandeja Montan~era, which is the
same dish served in most Colombian restaurants as
Bandeja Campesina. (My limited knowledge of Spanish
suggests that one is "mountain platter", the other
"country platter"; but I don't see any difference.)

My friend ate rib-eye steak, which he found to be too
dry. I'm getting the impression that Colombians like
their steak pretty dry; last time I ate at Los Toldos I
had flank steak, which was very dry except right in the
center, also I had flank steak once at Tierras
Colombianas and it was dry. But the steak on the
Bandeja Montan~era is round steak, and it is cooked
more to my taste. Maybe next time I order flank steak
I'll try it "En Salsa" or "A la Criolla" instead of "A
la Plancha".

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