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Aug 5, 1998 06:45 AM

La Espiga on Jewish night @ Shea

  • j

Happy to report the tacos al pastor are still up to
snuff @ La Espiga. Also had a tongue taco which was
real tasty.
The people there are sweethearts !!
How come I only get indigestion when John Franco comes
in to protect a lead ?
Regards, JK

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  1. JK,
    Is La Espiga a food stand or restaurant located *in*
    Shea Stadium? Wow, pretty gourmet. You Mets fans have
    it made! Is that typical of most stadiums in NY, or the
    US in general?

    I'm not a big sports fan but I did attend a Braves game
    here in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Turner Field is a
    beautiful stadium but all it offers foodwise are
    expensive hotdog stands ($4.50 for a 10" dog that
    doesn't taste nearly as good as a NY one) and one
    restaurant that looked like the sports bar variety.

    Needless to say, unless they get those tongue tacos I
    won't be hurrying back there!


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    1. re: Janet Traub
      John Knoesel

      No, it is located about 10 blocks from the stadium in a
      neighborhood called Corona.
      If you go back in the Outer Boroughs message boards you
      will get the history of La Espiga and their old taco
      Regards, JK