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Jul 10, 1998 11:01 AM

Taco Truck in Jackson Heights

  • j

The Taco Landia truck is parked permanently in a
parking lot at 77th street and Roosevelt ave. Anyone
who has walked on Roosevelt in the 70's knows what a
fun, bustling scene it is there; Taco Landia is a good
place to stop for a snack while you're walking along.

I had a taco al Pastor there yesterday afternoon and
quite liked it; they also have about 5 other fillings.
There are three salsas as well as chopped onions and
pickled jalapenos, to put on top.

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  1. Taco Landia is totally addictive! I've been there twice
    more this weekend, and had a chicken taco and a tongue
    taco. Their salsas are great... It's just the perfect
    snack; the taco has replaced the slice of pizza in my