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Jul 7, 1998 08:12 AM

5th Ave south of 9th Street

  • j

I had never (much) been on 5th Ave south of 9th Street,
when I used to live in Park Slope. Yesterday I walked
from 21st Street to 9th Street, and I couldn't believe
the number and variety of restaurants there! I ate
dinner at Monika's (Polish) (thanks for the
recommendation, Cathy!) near 18th Street; the borscht
was great as was the cole slaw, but the pork main dish
was disappointingly tough and tasteless.

Along the way I saw 2 Mexican restaurants, one Spanish,
a few diners, a few Dominican, one Ecuadorian (I'm
forgetting; that might have been on 4th Ave), and one
Slovak, near 16th Street, which I have never seen a
restaurant that advertised itself as Slovak. I'm
planning to eat there next time I'm in the

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