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Jul 6, 1998 11:19 AM

Northside Grill

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Has anyone eaten at the Northside Grill on Kent Avenue
in Greenpoint/Williamsburg? We stopped there on our
way to another great meal at Planeat Thailand. Menu
was interesting but a little pricey for the area. It
would be worth it (nice river views and ambience) if
anyone can vouch for the food. We did have a nice meal
in the area recently at Seasons. The garden is
pleasant and service is terrific.

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  1. Its Northside Cafe. I ate there on the 4th. The food
    was good, though the experience was not without its
    problems. (They had instituted a $40-50 prix fixe
    policy for the day, without notifying patrons when
    they made or confirmed their reservations. I managed
    to get out of this, but as revenge they sat us next to
    a woman with a voice like Judy Holiday, who was
    discussing coronary procedures and family problems
    with her husband. And there seemed to be construction
    going on on the floor above.)

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    1. re: Alan Emdin

      Alan, Thanks for the feedback. However, "good" isn't
      enough for me to spend $18 and up for main course. For
      that money, I would like very good. For example, that
      day we checked out Northside Cafe we ate at Planeat
      Thailand where for $8 per entree the food was terrific.

      1. re: phyllis

        I'd never claim it was a great value-for-money deal,
        just that the food didn't make matters worse. On the
        way over, I noticed Planeat Thailand was closed. I
        don't know whether they simply decided being open the
        night of the 4th was too much trouble, or if it was
        something more ominous.

        1. re: phyllis

          Agreed. We live 2 blocks away and never go there.