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Jun 26, 1998 08:11 AM

Polish in Brooklyn

  • j

My friend Nathaniel was telling me last night about a
Polish restaurant, one of his faves, on 5th Ave. near
14th St. in (what I guess is still) Park Slope. Has
anyone got any experience with this restaurant? I'm
going to try it out sometime soon and will report.


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  1. have some friends that have eaten there several times
    and really enjoyed it- and it is apparently an
    incredible value.

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    1. re: Lisa R.

      As far as I am concerned, but it's only my opinion, the best Polish food in Brooklyn is from Theresa's on Court Street, downtown Brooklyn.

    2. The Polish place I've been to on 5th Ave. is Monica, but it's closer to 20th Street, I think. But you should also check out one in Sunset Park, on 8th Avenue way out by 45th Street. I think it's called Teresa's (not to be confused with the other Theresa's restaurants.)