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Jun 18, 1998 08:43 AM

Landmark Inn

  • j

Does anyone know if the Landmark Inn in Park Slope is
still operational? It was a very rundown building on
the corner of 7th Ave. and 2nd Street where a woman and
her daughter ran a bar with live music most nights. The
decor consisted of thousands of old toys in various
states of disrepair, strewn around the room and on the

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  1. Last time I walked by (probably within the last month
    or two) the Landmark Inn was not only still open, but
    apparently (from the sidewalk) unchanged from my first
    and only visit there in 1988 (?)

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    1. re: Rachelhope

      Wandered in there a few weekends ago, without any idea what to expect. What a place! I particularly enjoyed playing the sewing machine, although my boyfriend fared better with the chopsticks and coffee can. From a chowhound perspective, the options were limited to whatever domestic beer was chilled at the time. But who's paying attention to that with all entertaining surroundings.