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Jun 12, 1998 11:16 AM

richards place,st albans

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just heard about chowhounds via wor radio(arthur's show). about richards place i have known & eaten here for some time. used to be minny tee's which was also very good. next time at richards you might want to try his blackened catfish with collards & steamed veggies.

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    Lisa Antinore

    Just wrote a huge love story/review for Richard's Place which was published in all seven of the Queens Ledger Papers. It went to print yesterday.

    Richard recently won a "Ready Set Cook" competition on the TVFood Network and when I interviewed him for the article he told me that he would be doing a cooking demonstration on Sept 11th (something to look forward to) at the grand-opening of the new Bloomingdales in Huntington.

    His other spot "Richard's Place II- the Blue Goose Cafe" is every bit as good. And his catfish is by far the sweetest I've ever had and the Sunday buffet is incredible.


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    1. re: Lisa Antinore
      Borden Elniff

      Lisa et al.: Could you please
      post addresses and phone
      numbers of Richard's Place and
      the Blue Goose? Thanks!

      1. re: Borden Elniff

        Dunno the Blue Goose but Richard's Place is at 200-05
        Linden Blvd.


      2. re: Lisa Antinore

        reply to lisa,
        would like to know address of the Blue Goose.
        also,if your ever in the vicnity of Springfield Blvd &
        112 ave. look for a non-discript place called the
        Maranatha Soul Food Kitchen. right next door to the
        church on the west side of Springfield. It's take out
        only. enjooy!