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Jun 4, 1998 10:54 PM

Goodies in Elmhurst

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Does anyone know what happened to the Chinese
restaurant "Goodys" in Elmhurst? We drove by the
other day and there seems to be a new restaurant in
its place. Is the Rego Park branch still open?

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  1. As far as I know the Rego Park Goody's is still open.
    They still have great soupy buns and a jalapeno salad
    that is wonderful. Other things haven't been that
    great. I never did make it to the Elmhurst one because
    it's so hard to park there. Still, sorry that they are
    no longer around.

    Also have been to El Mantero (the seafood restaurant on
    Steinway St) a few times and it is really just
    incredibly good. They have a nice garden now as well.