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May 8, 1998 08:32 PM

Korean Barbecue in Flushing ( Lisa, Alan ? )

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Since Cho Sun OK is history, I'm looking for a nice
place to bring my chowhounds in training, Christine
(11) & Jennifer (8), for some short ribs on the
hibachi. They are both pretty adventurous and since
they are chowhounds, the food is more important than
Please advise.
Regards, JK

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  1. l
    Lisa Antinore


    For all its popularity and the throngs of Manhattanites who have invaded the place since the recent NYMag review, Kum Gang San still remains my favorite Korean in Flushing. I've never had a disappointing meal and I've been there well over 50 times with various Korean families who consider it the best as well. So go there (I bet you already have...) and hibachi your heart out.

    Avoid Dae Dong (either branch) and if you'd like some a simple Korean lunch with your little chowhounds, say after a Met game, head to the back part of Korea Town Plaza for great bi bim bap and outrageously fresh kim bab. Of course there's also Bo but that's in a class all by itself and sadly enough I doubt it'll be around much longer....

    Happy Eating and Best Regards to a fellow St. Mel's person,


    PS:A little bit of humor for you John- when I was a student at St. Mel's my classmates and I used to refer to the somewhat obscure St.Mel as the "Patron Saint of Diners" (you know, from that show "Alice....)


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    1. re: Lisa Antinore

      Thanks for the advice. Isn't that the place where Molly
      O'Neill had lunch with the 2 demographers?
      Beleive it or not I haven't been there yet but it is
      next on my hit list.
      My friends at work think St. Mel is the only Jewish
      saint to have a school named after him.
      Were you lucky enough to have the wisdom of Mr. McCue
      as part of your curriculum?
      Regards, JK

      1. re: John Knoesel
        Lisa Antinore

        Mr. McCue and Mrs. Palladino were my two favorite teachers of all time. Mrs. Palladino still wears the "St.Therse Little Flower" medal that I gave her fifteen years ago and Mr. McCue calls out "Gu-Mat-A" to me to this day when I visit. Some of my happiest moments were spent in that little building.

        Have fun with the Korean and one of these days maybe I'll spot you at Mass ....

        Warm Regards,

      2. re: Lisa Antinore

        How come Dae Dong should be avoided? I am curious,
        because I have to attend a birthday party there this
        upcoming weekend.