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May 8, 1998 08:14 PM

Riverdale Russian

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Heading for Van Cortlandt Park
next weekend and afterward for
Guinness at a widely reviewed
Irish bar (on West 231st Street?)
whose name escapes me but
want after that to find a Russian
place on some unlikely avenue
up the hill. It was reviewed
somewhere, not long ago, and
had undergone some basic
change of menu that the reviewer
thought was ill-advised but you
could still get Russian dishes on
certain days of the week ....
Somebody please refresh my
memory before next Saturday!
Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Russian Restaurant you're talking about was reviewed by Eric Asimov last year. You can get the review probably by logging on to NYTIMES.Com. The name escapes me, but begins with a "V". It's on Moshulu Ave, west of Fieldston. There's another Russian (or geographically thereabouts) owned restaurant nearby called Rendezvous that I've heard good things about. I've personally not been to either. I'd rather head out to Arthur Ave or on a nice day City Island.


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    1. re: Pete Feliz

      FYI follow-up

      Rendezvous has recently closed. Vaneschka's (sp?) is the name of the place Asimov reviewed.

      Get a chicken and Italian green bean, and garlic potato sides at Riverdale Rotisserie instead. Unless you're not fond of the Kenny Rogers influence.