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May 1, 1998 09:48 AM

Good Restaurant in WTC area

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Hi all,
can anyone suggest me some "good" restaurants
(Asian, Mexican, Italian or anything which has great
food!) which is close to World Trade Centre? I am new
to NYC and would like to get educated on this...


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  1. My son lives and works down there. I think he walks
    into TriBeCa.

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    1. re: pat hammond

      Head Over to Warren Street...

      For Italian food.....really great Italian food, there's
      Il Giglio on Warren Street.

      Il Giglio has an extraordinary is the
      prodigy of Il Mulino in the Village, the consistent
      Zagat #1 Italian Restaurant in New York....and America.

      The food is similar (although nothing can touch Il
      Mulino's Veal Chop) and, if you can afford the "pricy
      for the area" menu, you'll invariably have an excellent
      meal well-served by a team of thorough professionals.

    2. p
      Peter Palmieri

      The ambience could be better, but Pierino's on Reade
      Street has marvelous food. The cuisine is that of
      Campania, Italy. Try the anchovies for an appetizer,
      then a small order of pasta, after that the roast
      rabbit, then ice cream and lastly a cup (or two) of
      espresso made "restretto'. I enjoy the Taurasi Reserve
      whenever I go there. Ask Maurizio to help you order
      and you will think that you are in Italy when the
      lemonjello comes to the table--well almost!